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What is VG Grade

A refinery bitumen is a grade obtained by aerating the vacuum baton of a distillation tower and is divided according to their viscosity. Viscosity is a basic property of bitumen that determines the material at a certain temperature or a What is the behavior of the temperature range? The basic unit of viscosity is Pascals (Pa.s). In the classification based on the viscosity of bitumens according to the amount of absolute viscosity at 60 ° C or kinematic viscosity at 135 ° C, the classification and direction of each of them have certain technical criteria. Absolute viscosity is expressed in terms of motion and kinematic viscosity is expressed in terms of Santi Stokes. Classification and specifications of pure bitumen are reported in AASHTO-M226 and ASTM-D3381 standards.

Gardes Of VG Bitumen

  • VG 10
  • VG 20
  • VG 30
  • VG 40

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