Performance Bitumen

What is Performance Bitumen?


Due to the inadequacy of penetration and viscosity based grading systems, the Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) in the US conducted a Project between 1987 and 1993 in order to overcome the shortcomings of empirical systems. One consequence of this Project was a performance-based binder specification with a new set of tests. The final product of the SHRP bitumen research program is a new system referred to as SUPERPAVE, which stands for Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements and called as binder specification because it is intended to function equally well for modified and unmodified bitumen’s. Performance Grade (PG) Bitumen is bitumen which is graded based on its performance at different temperatures. In Superpave grading system, binders are classified according to their performance in extreme hot and cold temperatures and called as performance grade (PG) bitumen.


180(Kg) new steel drum.

220(Liter) new steel drum.

Jumbo Bag 1000(kg), 300(kg) and 250(kg).

Uses of Performance Bitumen

PERFORMANCE GRADE BITUMEN is primarily used in paving for both new construction and pavement rehabilitation and in both dense-graded and open graded Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). This products could also be used for sealing of edges of new to told paving and crack sealing. Other uses include spray applications for bridge deck and pavement protective membrane with fabrics.

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