Oxidized Bitumen

What is Oxidized Bitumen?


Oxidized bitumen is blown from blowing hot air to pure bitumen at the final stage of the purification operation in this process, hot air with a temperature of 200 to 300 degrees Celsius is blown through a perforated tube into a compartment containing bitumen.
Oxidized bitumen is categorized based on softening points and penetration rate. For example, oxidized bitumen 85/40 is a type of bitumen whose softening point is 85±5 degrees Centigrade and its penetration rate is 40±5 (0.1mm). Oxidized bitumen is also expected to make up for weight loss under heat. The softening point in oxidized bitumen is much higher than in regular bitumen, causing lower thermal sensitivity.


  • Various pickings are available for customer’s purpose and conveniences:• Kraft bag
    • Meltable plastic bag
    • Drum
    • Bulk

Uses of Oxidized Bitumen

  • Oxidized bitumen is used as repair and sealing of joints or cracks.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used as adhesive to be used in thermal insulation.
  • Oxidized bitumen is used in various industries like roofing, isolation, insulation flooring, mastics, pipe coatings, electrical applications.

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