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BituLine is an international business group headquartered in the UAE with offices in Qatar, Tukey, Oman, and London.

Asphalt Products such as Bitumen /Polymer modified Bitumen (PMB)/ Cutbacks and emulsions.

Petroleum products including Gas oil and Base oil



Bulk bitumen shipping

BituLine operates Bitumen tankers of up to 2,000 MT capacity and regularly charters in additional tonnage up to 20,000 MT capacity and  above whenever required by customers


BituLine is also an established manufacturer and supplier of bitumen products such as PMBs, emulsions and cutbacks.



Our Motto


We are a global market leader in the sourcing and supply of bitumen. Our integrated bitumen solutions play a key part in the construction and maintenance of roads that are in turn essential to connecting economies and communities around the world.


Fallowing us to communicate directly and powerfully with all players in the bitumen industry and beyond.


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