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Penetration Bitumen

 Penetration Bitumen is Semi Hard Black Material Knowns as Petroleum Grade  Bitumen. Asphalt Penetration   Bitumen produces by Blowing Hot Air into the vacuum Bottom AND …
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Emulsion Bitumen

 Emulsion Bitumen is a binding material consisiting of water and bitumen. Emulsion is a disperse system with particles of bitumen dispersed in Water AND ….
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PG Bitumen

Performance Grade Bitumen is the latest standard of Bitumen. it is new method the  bitumen Standard which based on varying temperatures. This method studies  AND …

Your purchase and ordering steps

  • Initial order registration
  • Consulting and needs assessment
  • Send your custom shipment
  1. In the first step, you register the initial order. Your contact number and request will be registered and your request will be sent to our experts

Sales experts will contact you and give you the necessary instructions for your purchase. The conditions of your project are taken into consideration .so that you can make a purchase according to your needs

 Depending on your purchase and your geographical location, your shipment will be sent in one of the following ways :

Delivery of goods at the door of West Bitumen and Asphalt Engineering Factory located in Dubai

Delivery of goods declared at customs

Delivery of goods at a specified location

Delivery of goods on the deck of the ship

Cargo delivery at the port of destination

the process of selling products is performed by trade sector. The cargo supply process is customized to meet the purchase order in order to provide quality and timely production based on the time ordered by customers.

The company sales and trading unit provides 24-hour support services. Despite the time differences between buying countries and various holidays, our support team is always online and responsive to customers from all over the world.

The most important service provided in this regard is that the sales report is prepared online so that the customers can be informed of the status of shipments in an instant.

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